Various Benefits of Using Slate Roofing Tiles

While installing your home roof, you can choose from a wide variety of material. By knowing which type of tiles will be the best to invest, you can get a beautiful look as well as durable roof too for your home.

NSW Slate Roofing tiles are considered to be the most high-quality and also long-lasting roofing tiles that you can find in the market. Durability is just a single reason why many people prefer to use slate roof in their home.

Following are few benefits that a slate roof can offer something extra to your home.

  • Appearance

Having a slate roof will be a very good reason for you to feel proud to have a period home – particularly the amount of popularity that it has generated by few TV dramas.

However, if its roof needs to be replaced, you might fret about the possibility of the new roof visually clashing with the rest of the house. Also, you can get slate tile roofing in a variety of colours and size too.

  • Life span

Literally all these stones are almost million years old, hence it will be no surprise if your slate roof continues to remain for rest of your life.

When we are talking about its life span then it is never less than 100 years, which means 3 generation can live under the same roof all throughout their lifespan.

  • Element resistance

These slate roofing materials are known for their resilience and it does not get much affected due to severe elements like extreme fire or water.  As a matter of fact, slate tiles are completely fireproof, and hence makes them the safest material for roofing.

So, your home will not easily catch fire due to any spark from fireworks, wildfires, or even nearby house fires. Besides, slate roofing also has low absorption rate, hence it will be not affected by water or snow during harsh winter.

  • Eco-friendly

Normally, you will end up generating biggest environmental wastes of you replace your roof after every decade or so. There are few other cheap roofing materials that need to be replaced too frequently.

So, if you are environment conscious then you will always find slate as better option for your roof. The environmental impact produced by it will be at least 5 times more than other materials which cannot be easily ignored.

  • Lower maintenance needs

Those who are tired of regularly repairing their roof or hire contractors to do the necessary repair and maintenance will get a pleasant surprise after installing slate roof where you need not to be bothered about all this unnecessary trouble.

Slates are low-maintenance roofing material and hence you can use your energy to simply keep your slate roof in better condition all the time.

  • Fire resistant

Slates as mentioned before, are highly fire resistant and able to withstand much higher temperatures as compared to many other metals.

It can usually withstand wide temperature variations. That is the reason they are highly preferred as roof as well as floors.

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