Coronavirus Face Masks and Protection FAQs – Know What Are They?

These days, various research studies are carried out to find more and more information about novel coronavirus in order to control the transmission of pandemic disease.

However, preventive measures like washing hands frequently, practicing social distance and wearing a mask in public places when social distancing is not possible are became necessary to protect ourselves and others from the virus.

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The following are few frequently asked questions and their answers that help you to understand why face masks are essential during this situation.

Whether I have to wear a mask to protect from coronavirus?

The answer is yes. In case you are visiting public places like grocery store, then you will come across with other people. So, wearing a mask is mandatory in those places.

How to wear a mask properly?

A mask will cover the face from nose to chin that protects you when you are talking to someone. Avoid touching or pulling it out in public places. This can put you as well as others at risk.

Can a mask helps in preventing spread of SARS-COV-2?

According to research studies, novel coronavirus will transmit from one person to the other through respiratory droplets. A mask will not only defend you from these droplets but also helps in reducing the chances of transmitting the virus as well. There are different types of masks you can choose an appropriate one depending on your needs and situation.

Masks for public

Research studies states that most of the people who have coronavirus are asymptomatic, so the virus is spreading from them to others unknowingly. The fact is the virus will spread by close proximity with others by sneezing, coughing or talking.

People who are visiting public places where social distancing is difficulty, general public have to wear a cloth mask. In case you are going out for long hours, cloth masks are ideal.

Masks for caregivers and patients

People with coronavirus have to wear a cloth or surgical mask at home to control the transmission of virus. In case the infected person is not in a situation of wearing a mask, then caregivers have to wear it.

Masks and protective equipment

People who are interacting with the infected person directly have to wear professional respirators like KN95 and N95. These masks are specially designed for the use of healthcare workers. These masks will fit to the face, filters air and stops respiratory droplets entering into the device.

Healthcare workers who are working around patient areas can use cloth or surgical masks to safeguard from the transmission of virus. These masks are loose-fitting and made with various materials.

In pandemic situation, you have to understand and do everything that is required to protect you from illness. Follow the preventive measures and stay away from the virus.

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