Best Lighting Idea for Your Kitchen – Go for Chandeliers!

Hanging up chandelier in kitchen is not a bad idea at all. It creates a balance in the ambience of your space. The chandelier in kitchen along with eating place becomes the center of focus. However, before giving your kitchen a new transformation, please consider some tips to get started –

Size Matters!

Measuring the size of the chandelier is very important whether you visit a physical shop or buy online. If you are not sure how to measure correctly, ask the customer support or refer to the size guide. Without the correct size the chandelier would either be overwhelming or have no presence.

Where to Put the Chandelier?

After finding the right size, go for the right place to hang your chandelier. Choose between the breakfast nook and kitchen island chandelier. If you cannot decide on one, you can hang

it at both the places while complimenting each other. You can also use independent pendent lights placed in a form of pattern above the countertop.

What Style to Choose?

For any kitchen chandelier being bright is obvious, but you can install a separate light dimmer control switch to create a mood. Chandeliers at Sofary Lightings have products with such features and apart from that it also provides customization services. You can choose the color, size and design. The designers at Sofary Lightings would get back to you within 1 or 2 business days with the unique design and quote.

Style of your chandelier should always match the setting of your space whether be it hallway, dining room or your kitchen. The furniture, accessories, doors, knobs, walls and lamination- all should harmonize to create the ambience you want. The chandelier should not give an out of place sense in your kitchen.

You can try out the following styles to redefine your kitchen –

  • Contemporary – It brings elegance to your modern space and enhances the ambience. It has sleek and minimalist approach with a touch of higher lighting technology.
  • Vintage – The vintage style would never go out of trend. A mix of culture and rustic sophistication gives your vintage styled kitchen the perfect look.
  • Basic/ Minimalist – Nothing can beat a simple basic piece of chandelier with minimalist style.
  • Wood – If you have wooden cabinets and set up in your kitchen go for a natural wooden chandelier having a narrow length and long width, just in line with the kitchen top.
  • Sleek – A modern space definitely compliments a chandelier with sleek design. It’s quite stylish.
  • Geometrical shape up – This kind of styling also has a unique sense of harmony with different geometrical shapes forming the chandelier.
  • Modern Farmhouse style – You would absolutely love this modern touch to farmhouse style. This is less rustic and more modernized.
  • Bold and spunky – Add spice to your kitchen with a bold and spunky chandelier.
  • Combination of different materials – For instance, you can incorporate both natural and modern elements with a combination of wood, metal and glass.

These are the most popular styles, but you can always give a try to some unconventional styles.