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Somdmda.org is now the industry standard for top home design websites. This is an excellent opportunity for you to put all of your knowledge to use, as you will be writing for us on home design, home improvement, do-it-yourself and craft projects, interior and exterior design, and gardening. However, for us to consider your application, you are required to comply with the following terms and conditions.

  1. We never take submissions for articles that are only intended for marketing purposes.
  2. Your topic needs to have some connection to one of the approved categories.
  3. 500+ words
  4. At least three links inside our site that go to individual content
  5. At least five photos in each post
  6. The subject matter must be original and has not been covered in this space before.
  7. Include a value to your material
  8. You have an excellent grasp of the material that you write.
  9. A working understanding of grammatical basics
  10. You are not permitted to include any links to other websites; if you desire to include a link to your website, please utilize our paid commercial guest post rather than our free regular guest post.

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Linking Rules

We do not permit links to commercial websites anywhere on the site, including your bio or the posts themselves. You are free to link your profile on any social networking platform, whether it be Facebook, G+, LinkedIn, or another platform. If you would want to connect to your website so that you can increase the authority of your backlinks, click here. Since a free guest post will not pay the cost, you will need to take advantage of our paid commercial guest post. For more details, please visit our page dedicated to advertising.

Accepted Category

To those who are interested in contributing to us within the heading of a home renovation or design. They have a responsibility to comprehend the fact that the home topic is the only one for which we accept articles. You are welcome to look at the list that is provided below.

  1. Home improvement
  2. Home design
  3. Some concepts for apartments
  4. DIY
  5. Interior
  6. Exterior
  7. Home remodeling
  8. Gardening
  9. Landscaping
  10. Dining room ideas
  11. Some concepts for the living room

If you are unable to locate the topic above, please send us an email and let us know. We will consider publishing your essay if it relates in some way to the primary discussion topic of the site. You are free to start writing your article on making improvements to your house right away.

Why Should You Compose For Us?

  1. A website with a high level of authority in the field of home improvement
  2. Attain a very large number of people
  3. Over 90.000 fans
  4. eighty percent of monthly visitors are repeat customers

When you are considering writing an article for us, please bear the following in mind. We will do an in-depth, thorough evaluation of your article. If your article is selected, we will get in touch with you directly. Please compose an article that is both original and original to you, and it must be tied in some way to home design. You are also required to comply with the aforementioned guidelines.

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