Few Important Questions That You Should Ask Before Hiring Any Plumber

While hiring a plumber, you should assess them properly. Ideally, decision to hire a plumber should never be made in haste. However, in real-life situation often we look for a plumber only when there is an emergency.

Even then, you should not hire one randomly you come across in the Sydney directory. You need to ensure that you are hiring a qualified plumber in Sydney, as it is very important service for your house.

Here are few questions, which you must ask before you hire the services of any plumber.

  1. Are you a licensed plumber to practice in Sydney?

While interviewing any new plumber, you must start with this question and if the plumber does not have any license then reject him outrightly. You cannot depend upon the service of any unlicensed plumber.

2. Can you give any references?

A good plumber will never hesitate to offer references about his past clients, so that you can always get a feedback about the quality and conduct of his service and also about his professionalism.

3. Do you have any public liability insurance?

It is extremely important that while hiring a plumber, you must ensure that he has got necessary public liability insurance and which is valid too. You should not hesitate to ask him to show the paper to ensure that insurance is not expired.

4. Do you have your own website?

In the present days, every service provider has own website from where you can know much more details about the plumber. Few plumbers may also offer coupons or promos through their website.

5. How will you charge for the service?

Some plumber may prefer to charge on hourly basis while most plumber will change based on the type of work that has to be done. Prefer those plumbers who are ready to charge on fixed basis based on work.

6. How many years of experience you have?

This is also an important question to ask so that you can expect the kind of service based on his experience. Prefer to hire a plumber having longer experience rather than those who are new in this business.

7. What work you have more special expertise?

If you are interested to do any special work then it will be important to know whether the plumber that you are hiring has got specialization on that work or not.

8. Who are your repeat customers?

If he has many repeat or regular customers then it will be an indication that the plumber must be good at his job.

9. Will you charge extra during plumbing emergency?

Often you may need services of a plumber during odd hours and it is very common that they may charge little extra for such emergency service.

10. Will you offer any guaranty for your work?

Most plumbers will offer guarantee for all the work that they will do. However, if they suggest something and you refuse to do in order to avoid extra expense then he may not offer any guarantee for his work.

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