Advantages And How To Choose A Warehouse LED Lighting

Wisely chosen lights can ensure that the warehouse is well lit, and there are not dark corners. However, when implementing warehouse lighting, the following factors need to be taken into account:

  • Height of ceilings. The higher the ceiling in the room, the higher the lamp wattage. For a room with a ceiling height of 8-10 meters, a lamp with a power of 10,000 lm is suitable, and with a height of 25-30 meters – 30,000 lm.
  • Warehouse structure. Determine the area of the room, the presence of racks and shelves, and then calculate the number of LED lamps for the warehouse.
  • Fixing the lamp. Lamps are installed overhead or overhead.

Advantages of LED Warehouse Lights

  • Warm-up times get eliminated. The metal halide lamps notoriously take a long time to warm up. This is the reason sports stadium turn the lights on before sunlight disappears completely. It means they burn energy half an hour more before the stadium needs the illumination. Even metal halide lights burn more energy per lumen as they gain full power. Therefore switching to LEDs is a great option in a warehouse.
  • Dim lighting ability. The LED lights need special hardware to use the dimming feature. The hardware is easily accessible, simple to install, and is worth to your warehouse’s overall lighting solution. The efficiency of the LEDs will increase when they run at low power. The bulb’s lifespan also increases, when operated at less power. Your facility will save money by managing the LED lights smartly. Incorporating LED lights with sensors that adapt the traffic pattern and ambient condition allows us to generate significant savings.
  • LEDs can be switched on & off frequently. When metal halides get turned off they take 15 to 20 minutes to warm up and turn full-on. Therefore you will need to keep the light on to avoid the hassle of delays in your work. On the other hand, LEDs can be instantly turned off and on without any light output degradation. There is no need to compromise when you don’t need the lights.
  • Ensuring an even light flux. The lamps shine brightly and without flicker. It is comfortable to work with such illumination; eyes do not get tired of stress. A 120-degree diffusion angle will direct the spotlight to the workplace or rack.
  • Cold light. Luminaires are installed for a warehouse with a lighting level of 4200 K or 6400 K. Such lighting is close to natural and does not distract from work.
  • No need to change or repair. Often, lamps in warehouses are installed at high heights, where repair and replacement of lamps are difficult. If one LED burns out, the panel will continue to operate at the same light level.
  • Eco-friendly composition. They do not contain mercury and toxic substances, they do not need to be specially disposed of. Lamps do not emit ultraviolet radiation and harmful rays; it is safe to work in a room with such lamps.
  • Robust construction. Luminaires with IP-54 or IP-65 housing are used to illuminate warehouses. The IP-54 housing protects the device from the harmful accumulation of dust and moisture, and the IP-65 – from dust and water jets.
  • Withstand temperature and voltage fluctuations. The luminaires work stably in the range from -20 to +40. There are types of lamps that work in cold weather down to -40. The lamp works without interruption in the voltage range from 85 to 265 V.
  • High energy efficiency. An economical lamp will reduce your electricity bills.
  • Long service life. The lamp works up to 25,000 hours without interruption.

Finally, led warehouse light sources combined with modern technology can almost completely automate warehouse lighting control. This will lead to an increase in the energy efficiency of the enterprise and the level of comfort of its employees.

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