Learn About Few Amazing Benefits that You Can Get by Using Colourbond Roofs

Today, Colourbond roofing is considered to be the best roofing solution available in the market. Not only for your roof replacement but also during your new home construction, you can consider using this wonderful building material and it will certainly not let you down.

Colourbond is especially built by the manufacturer keeping in view of Australian weather conditions. It can deliver long-lasting performance, and is a top-selling product for last 50+ years in the Australia. Colourbond sheets can be pre-painted and also treated for resisting the Australian climatic conditions.

By installing Colourbond roofs, you can be assured of high-quality design as well as longer life of your roof. At least for a decade, you should not worry about your roof.

During your Sydney roof repairs project, prefer to hire a professional roofing contractor like City2Surf so that you can do proper justice to your roof. Following are few amazing benefits that you can get from Colourbond roofs.

  • Lightweight

Colourbond roofs are weighing only a fraction of any other materials that are used for roofing and as compared to roofing tiles, and it weights almost 10% of its weight.

  • Weather resistant

This roofing has specially made for withstanding the harshest climate of Australia. It has also been tested in the labs to ensure best performance against all kinds of weather.

  • Suitable for Australian weather condition

Torrential downpours and acid rains often cause heavy corrosions in other metallic roofs. Colourbond has unique 5-layer design that keeps it looking as good as any new roof for many years.

  • Little or no maintenance needed

Unlike much other roofing material, Colourbond roofing material needs occasional cleaning and almost no major maintenance.

  • Corrosion-resistant

Often acid rains and torrential downpours may cause heavy corrosion for most of the other metal roofs. However, Colourbond’s unique 5-layer design will keep it looking perfect like new roof for much longer time.

  • Offers 36 years’ warranty

By choosing Colourbond roofing material, surely you will make wise investment decision for your home, and get 36 years warranty too.

  • High design flexibility

You can offer any kind of curve, shape, and also use straightened sheets that suits aesthetic of your home, whether it is traditional, contemporary, or heritage.

  • Great value for your money

With Colourbond, you will need no washing for 6 months, no painting, and keep the roof in top condition. It will be your best value for money.

  • Energy-efficient

Light-coloured roofs reflect more heat from your home as compared to any darker-coloured roof during those uncomfortable summer days.

  • Suitable for all kind of roof pitches

They can be an

ideal choice for all houses having little pitch, unlike other kind of roofing material, water can never pool on Colourbond roofs.

  • Fireproof

Colourbond roofs are most advanced kind of roofing material available which also provides excellent fire protection.

  • Environmentally friendly

Colourbond roofs are hundred percent recyclable. Steel, is the critical component used in Colourbond roofs, which is most recycled product on this planet.