Hints and Tips to Become A Pro Stoner

Every stoner was a beginner at one point. Typically, when you start to smoke more as well as hang out with those who enjoy pot smoking, there will be a need to learn stoner etiquette. It will help you enjoy group smoking session with friends.

Invest in a premium quality piece

Never make an error of buying a poor-quality smoking item. It can cause hilarious incidents like piece braking before the use or burning of fingers as the piece is extremely small.

Invest in a piece that you will enjoy pot smoking. It also does not mean that you visit the online smoke shop and buy the most expensive pipe or bong. On expresssmokeshop.com, you will get quality pieces at affordable price. It will last long as well as avoid the purchase of poor pieces.

Never sit on a joint or blunt

The biggest mistake, which first time stoner makes is they ‘sit on the joint’. It means they hold the blunt and tell a story. It is extremely aggravating because –

  • The blunt may stub out and need lighting again.
  • Supplies get wasted.
  • Pass it and then share your news.

It can frustrate pro stoner friends, so avoid this. It is normal!

Be ready for cottonmouth

After smoking weeds, your mouth gets extremely dry. Dryness due to smoke changes your saliva and your mouth feels like cotton. Beginners need to be always ready for a smoking group session. Carry water or a drink to stay hydrated.

Be aware to properly corner a bowl

Improper way to corner a bowl can burn the herbs very quickly. It is a bad way to smoke and wastage of herbs. When supplies are low a group session gets ruined before the first rotation is completed.

Corner a bowl means using the lighter in such a way that the smallest number of weeds get ignited. It allows the group to persist in their smoking session in peace. It even conserves more herbs and keeps the rotation steady.

Never cough in the bong

Sometimes, there is a joke shared and laughter in the environment as you are inhaling or you took a big hit. Cough is unavoidable. Coughing on top can scatter the ashes everywhere and even the water from the bong splatters across the place.

Even there is a possibility that the bong can drop from your hand and break. First-time stoners need to look out for such happenings.

Never carry wet herbs

Avoid moisture to wet the herbs because it can hamper the smoking experience. It also becomes impossible to light.

Never smoke & leave

When you are on a run and invited to smoke then be clear with your friends that you will need to go soon or don’t show up. Smoking allows you to bond with your friends through sharing music, jokes, storytelling, and making memories.

When you smoke and leave, some friends in the group may feel bad. It can send the wrong message, especially when people are euphoric. They can misjudge the situation and makes them feel used or left out. Never rush through your pot-smoking session.

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