Maximising Limited Condo Space by Going for Modern Interior Design

Indeed, homes in Singapore are getting smaller. You may feel like there’s hardly any room to explore different interior design ideas. However, the perspective of limited space can be deceiving. It is because when talking about “space,” we only refer to the floor area most of the time.

Modern interior design, however, provides us with a different vantage point. Modern styles have become a staple in condo interior design in Singapore because beyond creating an illusion of a bigger and wider room, they improve actual space utilisation.

How do you incorporate a modern interior approach on your condo? If you are to ask experts in condo interior design in Singapore, you are likely to get the following recommendations:

  1. Prioritise.

Modern interiors have the most value for function. This means that every part of the house, regardless of size, should have a dedicated purpose. This principle is highlighted in condo units due to the floor area limitations.

Hence, you have to prioritise your use of space. Try to determine the purpose of each room and all of its sides and corners. Once you have a shortlist of functions for each room, it is only by then that you will know the items you need to create a liveable home.

By prioritising the functions of your condo space, you will also know the type of fixtures you need. These include the lights, furniture pieces, accessories, etc.

  1. Create versatile spaces.

It is a growing trend in modern interiors to create multifunctional spaces. This approach works well in condos and HBDs due to their limited floor areas. Designing versatile or multifunctional spaces means that you do not dedicate just one purpose for a particular section of the unit—instead, your space shifts into another function with only a slight tweak or adjustment.

For instance, rather than placing a dining table that consumes more floor space, you may opt for a bar counter to be positioned in between the kitchen and living room area. The bar counter provides multiple functions, including:

  • a partition between the kitchen/dining and the living room
  • a compact dining table and food preparation area due to its proximity to the kitchen
  • additional storage space under the counter surface
  • a buffet table during parties and small get-to gathers

You may also want to use a sofa bed in your living room. Unlike the typical three-seater couch, a sofa bed can be used to host visitors during sleepovers, in case you cannot accommodate them in your bedroom.

  1. Utilise vertical space.

Modern interiors have a keen eye for vertical space. It is because vertical spaces do not consume floor areas, thus allowing more room for storage and accessorising.

Utilising vertical space also boosts comfortability. It helps reduce visual noise and promotes breathability and better movement.

Installing wall cabinets enables you to stack up belongings up to the ceiling instead of letting them sit on the floor. On the other hand, using beds with cabinets underneath helps keep your clothes safe using open space. Meanwhile, adding top shelf cupboards provides extra room to keep bulky kitchenware out of plain sight.

If you want to dedicate a room for family memorabilia, you may choose a wall surface in the living room, which serves as the area to hang photos and place trinkets that remind you of great times.

In a nutshell, the key to modern interior design is to keep floor space as clean and as open as possible. By using strategic arrangements and installation of the right fixtures, any condo can look and feel wider and more spacious than they actually are.

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