Do You Want to Select the Right Coating Contractor for Your Concrete Floors?

During the last 30 years, there have been sea changes in the techniques used for the protection of our concrete floors and therefore the experience of the contractor will count a lot to get a better concrete floor.

Of course, the main purpose is to get a decorative concrete coating that can offer protection to your slab from contamination or deterioration and a few additional benefits like wear, aesthetics, non-skid, ease of maintenance, chemical resistance, physical performance, and a host of many other properties. Cardea Concrete has got a good reputation for all such activities.

When we want to hire any professional having a lot of experience, then what kind of contractor should we select for such jobs?

Whether it will be right to deal with a construction/paving company that generally installs driveways and sidewalks? Or should we hire a concrete coating contractor?

Will there be any difference between a residential contractor or a commercial contractor? Where can you find such a contractor that may fit your project?

Whether the contractor is high-quality, affordable, experienced, professional, estimate-offering, and timely providing concrete floor coating contractor? And how can you know whether they offer their services that you need?

Finding a good contractor for your concrete floor coating

If you are looking for a suitable concrete floor coating contractor then the following are a few critical steps that you must take:

  • Do your necessary due diligence

Although for such activities, contractors must follow certain regulations, however, not every contractor religiously follows all of them.  Even the toughest laws cannot protect you from unfinished projects, delays, or poor workmanship.

  • Verify licenses and other credentials

You must do a preliminary research about the background of the contractor. Ensure that the contractor has necessary licenses for the area and whether they received any citations, awards, and credentials so that you get an idea about his professionalism and longevity.

  • Look at reviews

Try to look for reviews from Google, Yelp, and also the BBB (Better Business Bureau) that are a few good places to check. Check whether there exist any complaints against your shortlisted contractor with the Attorney General’s office or the BBB.

  • Meet the contractors

Shortlist at least 2 or 3 contractors and interview them to assess their experience and capability. Show them the location of the project and get an idea of how he is going to start.

  • Ask for an offer

Ask the contractor to send his written quote along with his terms and conditions. Any reputable contractor will offer an honest quote. Also, he will offer a reasonable time for completion of the project.

  • Check references

Any good contractor will readily share the list of his past clients and you can call any of them and ask them to share their experience while working with the contractor. Choose those clients whose work area is similar to yours.

  • Get a written contract

Now you have got a written offer from all the contractors. You can review and compare each offer and can select the right contractor who is found to be most suitable for your project.