Choose Your Antique Sofa, Couch, and Settee Styles

A sofa and couch are the most important purchase you make for your home. Often such furniture remains your main focal point of the living room, where you or your guest can find a place to relax, entertain, or gather to spend time.

There are many different varieties of sofa you can find from any furniture store like Smithers or from any online shops. Some of them are:

  • Knole sofa of the seventeenth century
  • Louis XV settee eighteenth century
  • Louis XV canapé eighteenth century
  • Camelback sofa original of the eighteenth century
  • English club sofa twentieth century
  • Chesterfield sofa eighteenth century
  • Love seat eighteenth century
  • Art deco sofa of the twentieth century
  • Midcentury modern sofa of the twentieth century
  • Lawson sofa of the twentieth century
  • Tuxedo sofa of the twentieth century
  • Sectional sofa of the twentieth century

In the following list, you can identify a few common types of antique furniture that can impress you.

  • Boudeuse sofa

This is a kind of small upholstered sofa consisting of 2 seats with a common back to face the opposite directions. It was developed in France during the mid-19th century.

  • Camelback sofa

This sofa or settee having an arched back that will rise to a certain prominent point in its middle and then slightly rises at the ends. Usually, this kind of sofa has scrolled arms and mostly found in English or American furniture. ​

  • Canapé à confidante sofa

This is a long sofa with a seat that will face outward at 90° to the main seat. This style was created in 18th-century in France to reflect the development of certain new types of furniture.

  • Chair-back settee

In this type of seating, the backrest is consisting of 2, 3, or more distinct chair frames. An early version of the couch was developed during the late seventeenth century and remained popular till the nineteenth century.

  • Chesterfield sofa

This Chesterfield type of sofa with rolled arms is of the same height as its back which can create a single rolling curve. Traditionally it is crafted with buttoned and tufted leather, though any other fabrics can also be used.

  • Davenport sofa

Usually, this upholstered sofa with its high back and arms, and this boxy style was developed around the 20th century.

  • Indiscreet sofa

This indiscreet sofa is another type of upholstered couch, which can accommodate 3 people. In the middle of the 19th century, this sofa was developed most probably in France, and now it is available in 2 forms.

  • Fainting couch

Developed during the early 1800s, this méridienne is typically associated with the late French Empire and English Regency, though its popularity remained throughout the nineteenth century and also beyond.

  • Récamier daybed

It has a curved headboard with a correspondingly scrolled, shorter, footboard. It was originally backless but later versions sported a low backrest, that often sloping, that ran partly down the length.

  • Windsor settee

Typically, this settee has 6 legs that are also inserted in the holes within the seat and are splayed and connected with certain H-stretchers, which can be turned or carved to simulate bamboo.