Make Sure Your Restaurant Is Germ-Free Even When Filled with Customers – Know How

Cleanliness is essential everywhere, especially when it comes to food business. Due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus, restaurants are closed for several weeks. To prevent the harmful bacteria, germs, and other virus-causing particles, restaurants are taking several preventive measures. They include implementing health protocols, creating new techniques (like arranging hand sanitizers, using sanitizer mats, etc), encouraging staff, and more.

Practicing safe handling of food became essential to prevent the spread of foodborne illness. All these give reassurance to the customers that they are consuming food in a healthy environment. According to a post published, experts believe that restaurants are safe places compared to other public spaces such as subways, event venues, and buses.

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The following are a few tips that help you in making your restaurant a safe place for your customers.

Maintain social distance

Although it is difficult to maintain in crowded places like restaurants, you can make it possible by reducing the seating capacity. It is ideal to space the tables in the restaurant at a distance of 6-feet as per the guidelines.

Use sanitizing agent

Thorough and frequent washing of hands by customers and staff helps to kill the coronavirus. Use sanitizing agents in places where water and soap are not available. Make sure that you use a 60% alcohol-based, food-safe sanitizing agent in your restaurant.

Use anti-fatigue or sanitizing mat

Most people think about the surfaces that come into contact with the hands like tables, handles, doors, and others, but they often forget regarding the feet’ touchpoints. The floor of your restaurant is the major touchpoint compared to others. It is because the people who enter the restaurant will walk through the floor.

According to a study, the novel coronavirus is distributed on the floors of hospitals, even there is not any contact with the infected person. It is because the virus droplets are picked up through the shoes and distributed on the floor. Due to this reason, CDC recommended disinfecting the shoe sole before entering into the coronavirus patient’s ward.

It is simple and easy to sanitize the shoe soles with sanitizing matting system like Grizzly as it helps way to provide safety to your customers. With sanitizing mats, your customers will feel safe and comfortable.

Reduce cross-contamination risks

By placing much emphasis in front of your house, you can avoid cross-contamination. The following are a few steps that help to clean, disinfect, and sanitize the areas in your restaurant.

  • Remove spills and crumbs with a disposable cloth or towel
  • Clean surfaces frequently with safe cleaning chemicals
  • Cleaning solutions are incompatible with sanitizers, so rinse thoroughly with water
  • Sanitize the surfaces to remove invisible germs and allow them to dry

Customer safety and satisfaction are the key parts to get success in any business. So, gather information about the stores that offer durable entrance mats and order today.