Do You Know about Centrifugal Oil Filter and Its Advantages?

To dehydrate and also de-phosphorize the oil, centrifugal oil filter can be used, which will use the centrifugal force that is generated by a very high-speed rotation for separating different materials for achieving purification and also filtration of oil.

High-efficiency vegetable oil filtration with centrifugation is the most efficient method for separating different solids from the liquid vegetable oil used by Interfil. The entire solid residue is used for making a range of by-products like animal feed.

What is the main purpose of centrifugation?

During the last few years, lots of attention is being paid to centrifugal oil filters, which is a kind of refining equipment. Before these devices were available, most people thought that one can eat oil directly just by filtering out the entire residue by using a filter cloth.

Of course, this is the most basic step used in oil filtration. In this method, it excludes the visible impurities only in the oil. However, the oil will still contain a little amount of phosphorus that can be quite harmful to our human body, like osteoporosis.

The centrifugal oil filter will discharge the phospholipids, impurities, water, and other objects present in your edible oil for reducing the harmful effects on our human body. Also, it can slow down the speed of the aging of oil and thus can maintain its original taste.

The benefits of a centrifugal oil filter

The purpose of using the high-speed rotating centrifugal force that can remove the water or any other impurities affected our normal consumption of the oil. Following are the main advantages:

  1. If you want to consider intelligent handling then just pour your crude oil that is pressed by oil press into our feeding mouth. The automatic separation of the oil and intelligent feeding residues are realized as a result the labour used will be 90% lower as compared to the traditional oil filter.
  2. As far as the intelligent reaction is concerned, it is not a chemical reaction without chemical ingredients, smell, and tarnish. There will also be no oil residue or oily smell that keeps the original flavour of the oil. Also, the oil quality will be clean and healthy.
  3. Due to intelligent oil separation and also residue content of your filtered oil will be below 2%. Its effect will be 50% better compared to your old oil filter.
  4. Also, intelligent energy-saving for filtering one barrel of oil will require 4 to 5 minutes every time and the filtering amount will be about 200 to 250 Kg/hours. The daily consumption of power will be below 10° which is 30 percent less energy as compared to the old filter.
  5. Your machine will have the features of a new design, less occupation, small volume, small and also reasonable structures, long life service, and nice outlook.
  6. A centrifugal oil filter and high oil output don’t use any filtering cloth or a screen. By using an oil filter with a filter cloth piece you can absorb the oil of about 0.5 kg and 50kg net oil will be consumed in a year. An artificial way to remove phosphor will have high oil contents. Your net consumption of oil is about 100 of it in a year.