You’re A Hardcore PC Player On Albion Online

I also understand that Sandbox Interactive wants to polish, balance, and tweak everything that needs attention. Since the game will be free-to-play at launch, they still need to front their virtual marketplace; only backers have paid any real money for the game thus far by . There is quite a lot of optimizing to be done on the PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux devices. Yes that’s right, Albion Online will be completely cross-platform, all under 1 mega server. Logging into the game at work from my Android phone is both impressive and super convenient. While I wouldn’t jump into a PvP battle anytime soon, farming my fields by buy Albion Online Gold, buying and selling orders on the market is a great way to keep players always engaged. The only downside is that all devices are being updated simultaneously, inheriting each others advantages and disadvantages. If you’re a hardcore PC player, you get stuck with big, clunky menus with no option to re-scale the user interface. Hopefully we see some updates to make either version stand on it’s own merit without giving an unfair advantage.

Any hopes of bringing in the PvE player will be determined within these next few months as well. Currently, the world’s lore is being held together by a string. There’s no rhyme or reason to why Heretics are trying to take over Albion. All you know is that they have Albion Online Silver and fame points that you’re trying to collect. That soon might change because, Peter Newman, a U.K. fantasy author, will be writing an actual novel for Albion Online. Along with that comes the task of fleshing out the backstory, characters, and various points of interest.