The system ahout Albion Online

You Sir are why games don't last longer than three months. If the grind is whats keeping your player base here then say goodbye to your playerbase in three months anyways. What most of the people in this thread are saying is create content we can invest our time and energy into that we actually enjoy. Don't put stupid gating systems in and make us gather t2, t3, ect to make t8 because you want a vibrant economy. You dont get a longterm player base, good pvp, or vibrant economies by forcing people to do what they don't like Albion Online Silver. You get those in being creative enough to dish out good content that keeps people coming back for more and more. Content that is repeatable and is fun and doesn't get boring because of the human factor.

this game is headed in the right direction. what these kids fail to see is its a cross platform. ur gunna have limited resources and alot of people fighting for it. these kids are basing the game off the alpha product of seeing say a few thousand online on its peek. what if that number is trippled. now not only did u have lets say 10 big clans. u will have 30 -50 big 600+ clans fighting for territorys and resorces to craft t5+ gear. they way that fights wont be roams any more but 50 v 50 on a regular basis in multiple zones allw anting the big cheese

I honestly like the fix to this system, Though the wording seems to be backwards. it is LP to unlock, and fame to use once LP is gone. hopefully the fame cost is significant with a fame to LP ratio of like 10000 to LP system is the right way to go in an MMO , no one account should be able to do everything, it makes your choices matter. and yes i see the TOS says no second accounts on one pc, but really i do not see issues with that, take eve as a great example or arche age or tera, multi boxers are not game ruining, hell in eve they are some times easier targets as they require to put input into both accounts. where a player with one account just has to focus on one and can give commands quicker.

the only CON to multi boxing or multiple accounts for crafting is the whine of "if i cant have it (finacial,technological reasons) no one can", this is akin to complaining that since i have 50mbps connection and am 10 miles from server farm i am better, than a guy in new mexico with 5mbps and 200 ping. this is not true, it does give a quality of life improvement by buy Albion Online Gold , but it is not game breaking or unfair. i may still suck at my class, i may have it built wrong, i may have tried to go jack of all trades and i am not only lvl 2 t6 in my combat class, while you focused and are now lvl8 t8. i mean all this "fairness in MMOs" stuff going on, i feel next we will have to take IQ tests and those with higher IQ will get debuffs (latency, fps drops, sluggish controls) to make it fair for those who cannot think as fast or theory craft well.