Share Knowledge About Albion Online

Are you looking for a PVP orientated guild? Looking for some awesome PVE dungeon Raids? And ofcourse a social and fun Guild?

Then you have come to the right place!

We are a new guild settled in Tormouth. We want to create a guild that is fun and social but also competetive in PVP.

We don't care if you are just a beginner or an expert, we share knowledge and info to make "Our" guild better.

So if you want to help me set up this Guild and make it strong, Joint us now!

Hey Gankred, it is good to see you again - Yes I remember your name :)

I've tried to get a hold of RK but your forums seem dead and  Albion Online Silver We've got some some of your guys in KDS already and Comran comes to mind as he is the most active forum wise but they cannot provide much insight into what's happening with RK either.

Are you in contact with any other? Are RK formed anywhere ? (I knwo something about GW2 but Waage left as far as I understood)

I would love to hear more from RK - I miss you guys personally and also in KDS you are missed. RK was the guild we've felt the closest too over the years from all our allies. MA coming as a very close second.

A real army depends on logistics as much as on fighters, you have training, supply lines, equipment, scouting, plans of attack, timing, etc. I'd be more than happy to explain (slowly) to you and your mangy pack, but I'm all out of colored crayons.

I seem to remember a small siege last fall where you and your pack ended up at the keep door with a dumb 'what now' look on your face by Cheap Albion Online Gold. Your solution was to use Sieger Reaver's head to break down the door. I mean... I'm just speechless, and so is he since that day. Not even our squad would do that to one of our own, and we're |#$% bulls.