Ruhr University (Bochum University) - 1962

Ruhr University ( (Ruhr-Universität Bochum) ) is located in Bochum, Germany. It was opened in 1962, and refers to one of the first educational institutions opened in the country in the postwar years. Bochum Institute is among the first universities in Germany, which have implemented bachelor and master degrees.

Structure of campus of the university is completely borrowed from the architectural structures of the 1960s. It includes 14 high-rise buildings, located on a green hill.

Up to 34,000 students are studying there and more than 2,000 of them are foreigners. Researches and a variety of programs for support of young scientists and PhD students are highly developed at the university.

Bochum University offers a range of disciplines for studying - from natural sciences to engineering sciences and humanities. At 20 faculties of the university you can get a master's or a bachelor's degree on 120 specialties.


· Social Sciences and Humanities

1. Evangelical Theological Faculty

2. Faculty of Philology

3. Law school

4. Faculty of Economics

5. Faculty of Social Sciences

6. Faculty of Sports Science

7. Psychology faculty

8. Ostasienwissenschaften Faculty

9. The Catholic-Theological Faculty

10. Faculty of Philosophy and teaching

11. Faculty of History

· Engineering

1. Faculty of Construction and Umweltingenieurwissenschaften

2. Department of Mechanical engineering

3. Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

· The science

1. Faculty of mathematics

2. Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

3. Faculty of Earth Sciences

4. Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry

5. Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology

· Medicine

1. Medical Faculty

2. University Clinic


Students in Germany are allowed to work 120 days a year. But you must not forget that in some departments attendance at all lessons is mandatory, thus, there can be problems with employment. A student can earn about 8-10 euros per hour. Sometimes it is taxed, but this money can be returned back in the next year through the Finanzamt.

Start of the educational programs:

· Summer semester – the 1st of April,

· Winter semester - the 1st of October.

Language requirements:

For studying at the Ruhr University you need a certificate DSH (which can be obtained at a university) or Test DAF (which can be taken in your country). At some specialties, it is possible to study in English.

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