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How to get siri for your iphone 4 or 3gs the homepage here or ipod touch 4g How to get siri for your iphone 4 or 3gs or ipod Pandora Charms UK Sale touch 4g Purchase a third party app.Even if your device doesn't formally support siri, you can still install apps that mimic features.One of the most widespread of these is dragon go!From an organization called nuance. Dragon diction will help you compose text messages and long notes using your voice, and combines with dragon go!Use the integral voice control.Without the benefit of as snazzy as siri, the built in voice control on the iphone 4 is often quite advanced.Significantly siri, press and hold household button to activate it, and then suddenly speak your command. Tell"Conversation"Or it may Cheap Pandora Jewellery Sale be"Call"As well as a name to call someone. For example"The face time"Following which a name and number(Iphone, space, thus)To the face time someone. Tell"Adventure"+ music, Cd, Playlist, Or artist to play a precise song.You may ask"Solutions"As well as"What"To find what song or artist is playing, or claim that"Genuis"To use a new, much the same song. Experience 7cardcha, a wikihowian of over 4 years who creates over 1, 150 many benefits to the sites.He likes patrolling modifications and has patrolled over 8, 000 edits at this juncture.His favorite wikihow article is find an amateur radio license in the us, the idea got him into a new hobby.He says it's fun to get on wikihow and credit card debt, even if it is just now and again, and he loves that the wikihow local region cares, something he finds exceedingly rare among internet communities.Kids users, 7cardcha recommends checking out modifications patrol, because it is easy to pick up with help and feedback from experienced patrollers.