My Paint Program On MapleStory

MS character/NPC drawing shop (free, of course)

CLOSED right now. Sorry about that. I just don't have a huge amount of inspiration right now (and a big queue), so I'm closing it. If I said I'd draw your character, I still will, however.


Since I'm off for the summer now, I'm going to have a lot of free time. And really want something in particular to draw about Cheap MapleStory Mesos, since I've had art block for forever. D:.

So, I've decided to do as others have, and am opening up a free MS avatar/character shop. Just give me a pic of your MS character/player or the name of a Maple NPC (I can pretty much draw any of them, I think) and I will draw them.

I don't think I'll have time for color, though. Sorry. >_<;.

I do have a small set of conditions, though.

1. No inappropriate requests. I doubt you guys would ask for that, but I have to say it anyway.

2. No yuri/yaoi if a couple pic. I just don't wish to draw that kind of thing.


Yeah, it really wouldn't seem like it would matter too much. I try my hardest to include details on everything if it has it (comes from being a cosplayer, I guess..), so knowing which shoes it is is really appreciated. I mean, there are times when they just end up being just solid black loafer looking shoes, but I do try to avoid that if I can.

I have a problem with colors too, lol. Sometimes it's hard to tell when a color  by MapleStory Mesosis there, but it's really faint. Seriously, thanks again. It allows me to be able to find them in banned story, and enlarge them so I can see the details. It really is helpful.