MDA Yard Fair

Please let me thank you for visiting our new website. This site is now "work in progress" and will be undergoing changes as we make additions to John Vernon Nagle's memorial and make preparations for the 2014 MDA Yard Fair . The event will again be held at the Farmer's Market and Auction in Charlotte Hall on Labor Day.

All proceeds from this event go to the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Maryland. MDA provides medical clinics, helps with the costs of durable medical equipment such as wheelchairs. They provide a week for MDA camp held at Camp Maria for the young up to age seventeen. They provide information to those with this disease and their families.

While all these are important, their primary goal is to find a cure so all the above will be unnecessary. The citizens of Southern Maryland know how important it is to find the cure and have given generously over the years.

Please continue to visit this site. We will be adding pages that provide information for donors and volunteers.

The "Fair" continues to be a success with 6,250 dollars raised at the 2013 event. It continues to be a success because of many generous volunteers and contributors. Preparations are now being made for the 2014 event.