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I've seen a lot of requests lately for a place that can be used to rant about various happenings, related to the game or life in general - a place where these kinds of complaints won't get deleted, locked, or earn forumers suspensions.

As such, I would like to introduce the Rants and Raves Forum aka, Angry Dome.

The Rants and Raves Forum is the MS Mesos to provide us (Nexon America) with feedback about MapleStory, our website, and the MapleStory forums as well as to post all your "Angry Dome" moments in your day-to-day life.

While we prefer all feedback to be constructive and promote a more positive game environment, the Rants and Raves Forum does allow a certain amount of non-constructive and negative elements. However, this is not a forum for spam or pointless messaging - everything here should be posted with the goal to help us improve MapleStory as an experience, or to get advice in your day-to-day life regardless of how negative it may be.

If your feedback IS constructive, then the correct forums to use would be the Suggestions, Feedback, and Impressions Forum. The way to think of this is: Rants and Raves is where you concentrate more on the issue than on the solution.

Do not devalue the importance of this forum to our community by trolling, flaming or otherwise derailing conversations.Quote Originally Posted by Cheap MapleStory Mesos Forum Guidelines

Rants and Raves is not a way to get direct access to a moderator or staff to deal with any Customer Support issues, and this forum will not be monitored by any Customer Support agents.