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The thou Xin makes moves in anger, the slap strikes on that.
Then Pa a , lesson table unexpectedly drive thou Xin that iron hand to clap tumble down.Just- delivered and brand-new lesson originally Hua drop into in the ground.
Damage public property to have to be compensatory.Chen Yi Liang says.
Little useless talk!The thou Xin suddenly explores a palm and grasps to Chen Yi Liang's collar.
Chen Yi Liang quickly stretches hand a space to block.
Thou Xin and then grasp to his shoulder.
Chen Yi Liang's slap claps to open.
Thou Xin again the one punch go to his bottom of the heart Dao.
Chen Yi Liang stretches out a palm and grasps a that sort of Bo Yu astonishing iron boxing..
2 people are fast fierce but ghost absolute being the unfathomable action stop down.The students see dumbstruckly, the at heart keeps calling, Wu Lin's superior.
Thou Xin the fist be grasped by him, the air is cold hard but terribles, keep hanging up to stare at Chen Yi Liang.
Chen Yi Liang but is smilingly a Yang at first, write on that handsome face full live dangerously of meaning, make fun of a way, you want to really think a dozen, class is over Gucci the outlets is to the bathroom.
The thou Xin retracts a palm and knits the brows a way, Gucci the outlet have no interest to beat with a discard.
Say take out palm once, walk toward gucci bags outlet platform.
Little Lin Ge.
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