Get Rid Of The Red Blob on Albion Online

Everyone has alts - since day one. That's just sad. The idea behind learning points was to force distinct and specific progression for each player, allowing hardcore players to forcefully gain in secondary and tertiary skill sets, but it failed. WoW achieved the same Albion Online Silver by limiting your professions/gathering to 2 types. I love the idea of being able to train up additional skills when my main one's cap, and not be held to a finite number of skills or trades, but by having the only limiting factor be learning points, you simply force the serious gamer to buy multiple accounts and spam alts for each trade they are interested in being progressive with. Maybe limit the number of branches your character can go down to the tier of his overall fame? T3 - 3 branches, T4 - 4 branches. That was a spitball of an idea, but I think you get the point that this needs to be addressed.

Increasing mob level in green/yellow zones will only benefit the Carebear community, and disregard your initial mission statement that this game by buy Albion Online GoldGet rid of the red blobs for the love of all things good about this game. Getting zerged when you are harvesting sucks, but it doesn't matter if it is by 35 guys or 9 guys, you die regardless. All the red dots have done since last alpha is eliminate the large open world pvp that made the first 2 alphas enjoyable. Big groups can easily avoid each other now because they can see - with complete confidence - where the other group is.