FIFA 17 Gameplay is Better than FIFA 16

Many players says that FIFA 16's gameplay was one of the worst FIFAs ever according to having fun playing and feeling that the best "fifa player" wins. As the technique gets better EA makes the game more like real life but as that moves on the game gets harder to play. I think that the gameplay will improve to FIFA 17 as many says that FIFA 16 was really boring. By the way, if you need cheap fifa 17 coins, welcome to our site.


I think it would be great to have a "Simulator and Arcade" function to gameplay is a good move for a wider audience.


For those who like a good challenge making gameplay harder, the simulator mode is great for those that want more realistic simulator hardcore gameplay.


The arcade mode is for those that want a career story mode with a manager mode to it or call it something else (Story Mode)...bla bla but continues more on the current theme of FIFA development.


The core aim should be as an option in game settings to have the A.i in offline set in simulator mode with real player body motion physics and effects with added footwork to future versions of EA FIFA, now that would be awesome.


This then could be made active for team vs team online, if this makes any sense at all.


What you think about that? Welocme to and tell me your views.