Demand On The Albion Online Market

Now that the patch is on live I have switched all my laborers save for three to crafters. These seem to offer the highest yield by far versus effort put in.


What does this mean for my gathering habits? Well I am widdling away at my stock pile of materials. I no longer go out gathering every day to fill journals. Instead I go out looking for specific materials that I need for crafting, or to do a leveling run for tools. As a result, I am also now placing zero resources on the market board because I am not gathering in Albion Online Silver excess, and the laborers are not bringing me back anything in excess. I suspect I am not the only one doing this now, and wouldn't be surprised if market prices started to rise. Specifically speaking, rare leather is an issue. I use to run a few gameskeepers at T4/T5 to bring me back a semi-solid line of rare leather, and even then had to go out and gather more to keep up with item demand on the market. With that no longer being possibly supply is even more short. The items using this will probably hike up even further. Speculation of course, but when supply is shortened and demand remains the same, or increase due to new fame requirements for leveling), then price is likely to rise in turn.


I am also not sure whether it was the change, or just that people are getting burnt out/waiting for a wipe, but like Lensar, I have found nodes to be more full since the patch, and I have run into less people during my gathering runs.


I comletely agree with you, and I have a similar setup, but with more types of labourers. I wouldn't build this setup again with less favourable conditions. I think a balance where it takes about half an hour to fill a book (with random rarity nodes included), but you'd still be allowed to turn it in as long as it has any fame in it all, would be best suited in the Albion Online Power Leveling end. It would encourage both the economies of scale approach, as well as make the casual and time-limited players happy, and would reduce the number of books needed from the ridiculous numbers we have on live today.