Consuming Thoughts

My thoughts are consuming me inside; It's taking it's toll. Should I fold my soul away, hand it over to my demons within the darkest depths? It's enough to make me weep, sleep, and wanna take a leap, so I can finally rest in peace. This is a grim thought, but I'm caught in the web of distraction on the path through the valley of death, where there is no tomorrow, just cold empty dispair, where no one cares. I scream, " It's not fair!"; but there's nobody there. I am so scared. Please, oh, please, tell me this isn't it and that my life has meaning...that I serve a purpose in the whole scheme of things. HELP, HELP, GOD! Give me strength to fight to right my life. Give me sight so I may see your light. I don't beg or plead; I just put my faith in you, unconditionally, knowing without a doubt, you've heard my prayer of despair.

-John V. Nagle