Consuming Thoughts

My thoughts are consuming me inside; It's taking it's toll. Should I fold my soul away, hand it over to my demons within the darkest depths?

"Special Day"

On this special day, I have so many fond memories through the years of my life, where you've been there with a caring hand... always giving, never asking for anything in return but love, truly a gift of God, that I will always cherish and honor. For all the times, when I couldn't run no more, you put on my shoes and finished the race. Together we will never lose; there's no obstacle that can stand in our path, only another hurdle to jump over, showing you can't make it on your own. You always need a friend to pick you up when you fall to give you the strength to cross the finish line!

"My Soldier Decision"

My sweaty finger is on the trigger, but hesitation drips through my mind!
If I pull this trigger on the battlefeld today, will I be a hero by tomorrow?
My soldier decision is tough; I must make it accurately and quickly!
Confusing thoughts, confusing words, what a confusing world!
I don't know where to go, I don't know what to do, or who to turn to!
Just when I thought I was lost, I picked up a little black book and I was found!
My solider decision is made. I shall not kill today, or even tomorrow!

"How I wish I could soar like an eagle"

My mind is so confused;

Making decisions...indecisive.

I have lost my sight;

I need introspection in my life.


How I wish I could soar like an eagle

Open my wings, soar above it all

No obstacle be inconquerable

No boundary could tie me down


Wipe that frown from your face;

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

With time you will find your place.

Don't cry without even a single try.

Give it all you got...live it up.

Don't let the world break you up.


Why don't you wake up? Open your eyes to a fresh beginning; witness the beauty which surrounds you. Remember, each day your head's above ground is a good day. Cherish each second you're breathing; don't waste a breath...use each one to your advantage. Conquer all your obstacles, laugh in the face of your demons, walk the path of a fearless warrior...FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

-John V. Nagle

"Recycle the Hard Times"

The hardest times are tearing away at your soul. You don't know why you're falling to pieces inside. You ask yourself, "when does the pain end and your life begin?" Well, let me tell you, life isn't easy; sometimes, it's even unbearable. You must look deep inside yourself for strength to survive. You must see the good no matter how minute it may be. Believe me, nothing is trivial...it can't rain all the time. Don't give up; the sunshine is on its way to save the day. I say recycle the hard times to good times, my friend.

-John V. Nagle