In Albion Online's Black Zones

Finally, we have the black zones. Expect to find resources ranging from tier 5 to tier 8 in these zones. This is the end-all be-all of the zone types, and by far, the most dangerous (and most rewarding) of them all. Similar to red zones, if you die in a black zone you will drop all of the items in your inventory, including your equipped gear. There are no friendly-buffs, no mini-map indicators of danger, or anything to help you in these zones besides your own wit and merit. When you’ve reached the point of engaging in black zones, you are ready for the highest level of open world competition that Albion Online Silver has to offer.


Keep in mind that different tiers of mobs will also be present all throughout the world of Albion! In similar fashion to resource tiers, mobs also function similarly in Albion. They come in eight tiers, with increased difficulty and scarcity based on tier. You will find the easiest mobs to defeat in green zones, with the most challenging mobs in black zones.


With an understanding of the various zone-types, and the risk versus rewards present in each respective zone you’ve acquired a strong understanding of when and how to approach each zone, along with the risks you’re willing to take. Even though you’ve come a long way, we still need to cover the elephant topic in the room. The topic that will test your dedication, integrity and overall experience in Albion Online; joining a guild.