Albion Online Test Will Start.

On Monday another Alpha Test will start. However I wanted to drop a few words concerning the focus of this test.

As the previous test, Albion Online Gold test is a "playtest/feature" test - What does that mean?

That you should not expect too many content or a too well designed world.

We are still in a mode where we focus on the core gameplay and mechanics,

... meaning that content production in the form of beautiful levels is at a minimum.

... meaning that we have only a few different monsters/NPCs

... meaning that the whole starting experience is quite bumpy

We increased the world since previous tests by buy Albion Online Gold , we also made a few level design changes but one of our biggest flaws is still the world/level/monster design yet.

We just recently hired a new level designer and increased our 3D-modeling capacities so we can now shift the focus from new features to designing a beautiful immersive world, but nothing of these changes will be reflected by the upcoming test, so I hope you can differentiate and see the potential.

We are a curious how you will like the new changes and are (as always) looking forward to get your feedback!