Albion Online Is A Synonym Of Rooster

I find it very sad and disturbing you feel a need to sexualize our name and feel offended by it. This guild name is based on my great granduncles farm he operated during the 1800s when my family immigrated to the Americas from China to avoid political persecution. We have a long history of Albion Online Silver and my family still operate a farm. As I hope you are aware Cock is a synonym of Rooster. When my families business was named it was before "Cock" had the very disturbing and sexualized meaning of today. The history of my families rooster farm is being dragged through the dirt when you decide to sexualize everything we've worked for.


Black Cock is an important part of my families history, you could say my entire family have everything to thank to black cocks, without them we would not be the people we are today.


History shows that even in medieval times (+Fantasy is the Setting of the Game) there were gangs and guilds named, for those times, much more profane things than a suggestive guild name like "Black Cocks". It's simply modern vocabulary mixed in with a fantasy role with the setting. In medieval Europe gangs named with wenches and real life murderers were feared and infamous.