Albion Online Gold of New Varieties changes make it safer in the wild

Albion Online Gold of New Varieties changes make it safer in the wild Albion player loves to explore and gather the necessary resources for the job, what I scare the decor PvP and turn nasty egg in Albion Online. In some areas in the hands of the players will you lose the equipment if you caught your best choice would be to go offline to avoid killing about your place of death again and again. Although Albion Online has a strong focus on PvP features, there are still many do not want to participate to make the best game, the team decided to expand the PvP zones in four areas: green for safety. Yellow for the loss of sustainability. Red looting in full; the dark quite sanctions for the protection of plant varieties large group. Also, the weak application of the system, the following serious warn and make the quick death. This system is to tell you how many players are shown on the map and helps you to make a decision whether or not to go by Albion Online Power Leveling. Since one only after two others dead, and once marked become the villain / criminal, others can easily away early in the aftermath of that run before the next flag. What PvPers a long time under weak enough to escape goals so they start science than sneak attack or ambush can not be easily applied.


It seems safer for nothing PvPers, but I still doubt the following scenario: a map with three flag players is completely safe and I went, but the three are just waiting outside the entrance, and I chase them immediately. I think the Albion secured a small area of the inputs and once left a delay is necessary to avoid exceeding a disaster (for me) safe. the Albion2gold team