Albion Online are a Get Rich Quick scheme

Over the past few days, I've been risking life and limb, trying to venture into the black zones to skin Dire Boars so I can fill my T7 laborer books. It's a tremendous amount of work, risk, and cost, given the price of traveling with books (which I am guessing was never really intended), the Albion Online Silver of being ganked/steamrolled traveling to/within the black zone, not to mention the low fame earned by skinning a non-magical Dire Boar. (plus the painfully long time it takes to do so)


Also, keep in mind the weight of these resources. I'm often forced to choose between filling my book and dumping extra resources, or to stop killing/skinning mobs that are up, and returning to town with my full inventory.


At the current rate on live, it's worth the risk and actually drives me into the black zone. With a reduced rate of return, it just wouldn't be feasible at all for me to worry about books at that tier.


The target is 33% right now. The intent is that you'll fill a book in a playsession and then turn it in when you log out, so the length of the wait isn't considered to be a balance issue. The setup costs (house/furniture) isn't intended to be a huge burden; if that ends up being regarded as a significant hurdle, we'll probably revisit it by Cheap Albion Online Gold. Travel price and weight I will look at on Monday, there's not intended to be any real downside to carrying a journal.


Laborer journals all have a value of 1,000, which drastically increases the 'cargo' charge associated with fast-travel. We've been discussing whether this is an oversight, or a cunning attempt to regulate the different cities' AH economies. Either way, at the moment, fast-traveling with or without journals is the equivalent to flying via Southwest or the Concorde.