This site is dedicated to the memory of John Vernon Nagle. John Vernon Nagle died on April 29, 2007 from complications of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Born October 4, 1980, he was the son of John Stephen Nagle and Janet Louise Higgs Nagle and the brother of Julie Ann Nagle Greene.

John had a special place in everyone's heart was a joy to his family and wise beyond his years. He was knowledgeable in many aspects of the entertainment industry, always providing information on the latest films, music and technology associated with the industry. He was a writer of poetry and was diligently working to produce the ultimate screen play. We looked to John for his expert opinions and were always amazed at his insight into a world he found at his finger tip. His enthusiasm for life was never tempered by what many saw as a devastating disability.

John contributed twenty years of his life to promoting a worthy goal of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, "finding a cure". His talent and gusto were enlisted each of those twenty years for the "Fair".

The "Fair" was an event held for twenty-eight years in Charlotte Hall, Maryland. This event raised more than 200,000 dollars that was all donated to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The event was a combination of a large sale of donated items collected in the preceding months of the "Fair" and a bake sale and raffle. A large car show was added in the last few years before the event ended. This event ended on labor day of 2014. There were many individuals and groups that donated their time and effort to make this a success.